The Modern Day Robin Hood - GNC & Hertz

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I don't know if it is just the idea or the term Robin Hood which makes me laugh, I think of a group of amateur investors grouping together, defying all financial logic, and making money in the process. The Robin Hood Trader is a new term for the flood of investors who now use the highly popular trading application Robinhood.

Looking at Google searches and filtering by Financial Markets, one can see a direct correlation between searches of Hertz on May 22nd and a drop in Hertz's stock price. It took 6 business days post-bankruptcy for Hertz to hit another bottom. Then, the now infamous, Hertz / Robin Hood push upward occurred over 3 days, returning around 550%, 1110% from the first bankruptcy low. This push correlated with an even higher amount of Google searching, then an eventual downward spiral over 3 days.

Global Financial Market Google Searches for Hertz (Red), GNC (Blue), Bankruptcy (Yellow)

6 Month Return Hertz (Red) - GNC (Blue)

As can be seen from the graphs above, GNC similarly took a downfall after posting bankruptcy. Now, 3-5 days later, Google searches are already shooting up significantly, even more, relative to Hertz prior searches.

Will the Robin Hood traders pull a second act?