$LYXe - Ethereum

Updated: May 24, 2021

Starting in December 2020 - as the market started moving - $lyxe correlated strongly with $eth. Ethereum grew around 400% over the course of 75 days. $lyxe grew around 500%. Then - as Ethereum decreased - lyxe grew rapidly to a high of 25. Since - ethereum has increased an astounding 500% (using the original 500 value from early December).

Since the recent high for lukso $lyxe - has inversely correlated to ethereums ascent. Growth prospects for lukso are high no matter what happens with ethereum - but if ethereum does correct - lyxe is in a prime position to see substantial growth. It is low market cap - 165 million to ethereums 482 billion. It has 4 ethereum based pairings - and only 1 USDT based option to purchase. Unlike many projects at higher valuations $lyxe has substantial room to run.

Uniswap link - https://etherscan.io/token/0xa8b919680258d369114910511cc87595aec0be6d