ChainLink - Contracts of the Future

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

ChainLink has broken through multiple fundamental and technical analysis metrics. It continues to gain functionality and adoption through its ability to mainstream "smart contracts", allowing contracts between parties to occur through the Blockchain, without dependency on third parties. Oracle is invested and partnered in this project. This technology can be used for business contracts, legal documents, + more, the market is vast.

ChainLink's price has been on a recent surge, hitting a new peak of $6.49, and now within a resistance level between $6.00 and $6.3, briefly dipping below to $5.5. Considering the price has established a new area in this $6.0 range, I expect this growth to continue.

Current market cap is $2.1B - 12th overall, with room to grow into the top #5 - or higher to $8 billion, comparing #Link to Ethereum, that has market cap of 26.7B.

#Link will correlate strongly to its functionality as a utility in Oracle's business model.