Advertising - The Colossal Value of Data

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Since joining Tavant’s Media Hi-Tech team at the end of 2019, I have learned new key trends in the advertising space. I previously had not been completely aware of the extent to which tech engineering can achieve value for clients in advanced advertising.

One can see this by the sheer growth of the Big Tech firms -as they have various advantages- already possessing:

1. The user’s data; activities, purchase history, likes/dislikes, geographic, and demographic information.

2. Strong engineering teams that can analyze, digest, and implement systems for personalized advertising.

3. Continued capital market share growth to expand in new markets and compete in the Media realm.

With new abilities to capture, segment, analyze, and produce data – firms who can most proficiently accomplish these tasks – will thrive.

Tavant is very well known for applying AI, ML, retention systems in multiple industries. From experience in ad attribution, ad tech systems engineering, to ad platform modernization. Our team advises media firms & expands their technical capabilities bringing comparative advantage through the rapidly changing Hi-Tech Media Industry.