Updated: Feb 13

What is Zoom Info? Zoom Info is a data source - for contacts, emails, information on companies. It can be used for Account Based Prospecting, Content Marketing, and so much more. What used to take months - from research on revenue, industry, company size, employee information - now takes a matter of seconds. Furthermore, it can import directly into Salesforce -

While some granular features on filtering need improvement and can be enhanced, Zoom Info will continue to expand and grow in stock price.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The Fed has been printing money without an end in site, while Bitcoin is doing the exact opposite. Cutting off its supply by having, (raising interest rates in dollar terms). Making Bitcoin appreciate against the dollar.

There is a fury of people signing up on exchanges - people will buy and ride this out dramatically in the short-run. Take into account the psychological components going into this event. The world is at home, with no distractions, glued to their computer, many without stable sources of income. The FOMO feeling will be exemplified - causing frenzied buying for a currency which at present state appears more stable than the US $.